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How it began

Meet the founder

Men Who Fish was the answer to a Prayer for Flint Epps, CEO/Founder of this fishing Ministry. 

After a lifetime of fishing and several years of Ministry School and hundreds of folks asking Flint to share and or teach them the fine art of not just fishing but catching fish. Flint Created a Free Fishing program where kids and their families can participate and learn not just some of the secrets, but the many different types of fishing, all the while making new friends and creating great memories.

Participants of Men Who Fish will be exposed to different faith based groups and will have the opportunity to learn more about them while creating lifetime friendships. We will work with families and their children to learn to be successful in the art of fishing.

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The Vision and Purpose of our Faith based program is to expose as many people as possible, all ages and all abilities to the great outdoors and all of the different types of fishing and techniques involved in catching them.  


We specialize in teaching and equipping those who are new to the sport, all the while developing Authentic Relationships with the Families involved. 

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